6 Best Use of VFX in Bollywood Film

Use of VFX in Bollywood Film Visual effects (VFX) have become an important part of today's filmmaking process. VFX use into the movie during the post-production of a film, TV, etc. It is also known as a digital effect. Originally the scenes are shot using a green...

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7 Types of Animators in Animation

Types of Animators in Animation Animation is a cool industry and responsible for making the magic happens. In this arena blog, we describe various types of animators who work for creating the magical movement in the animation and there are many software applications...

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Benefits of VFX Course

Basic of Visual Effect (VFX) India is well positioned in the global VFX industry. VFX is used to represent any imagery created or enhanced for a film or other moving media that cannot be performed during live action shooting. It can also be termed as CGI (Computer...

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Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Animation

Pursuing a Career in Animation In India, the animation industry is fast becoming the hottest career to pursue. There is a rapidly growing demand for skilled and trained animators. If you are considering a career in animation, the next step is to determine that if you...

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