Animated Circle Burst in After Effects

Animated Circle Burst in After Effects

How to Create an Animated Circle Burst in After Effects

You can start these elements behind an animated logo to illustrate movement or add them to text graphics for amazing dynamic and interesting results. The circle burst is easy to create and it’s incredibly versatile. Let’s take a look step-by-step to create an animated circle burst in after effects.

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3 Steps to Create an Animated Circle Burst in After Effects

Step 1: Create an Ellipse

The first step is that we use the ellipse tool to create a simple circle. To get the look – turn off the fill and set the stroke to white with a width of 35 pixels. It’s important to centre the anchor point to the ellipse shape so that it will animate adequately.

If not centred then select the layer and go to Layer > Transform > Centre anchor point in layer content. Then use the Align panel to centre the circle within the composition. Now go to shape is prepped for animation.

Step 2: Animate the Shape

To create an animated circle burst, you need to animate two properties -“Stroke Width” and “Scale.” if you want the animation to be roughly one second in length, so add a sequence marker to visualize where to place the end keyframes quickly. First, animate the width of the stroke. If you want it to disappear, so animate the width from 30 down to 0. Next, you open up the “Transform” properties of the ellipse and animate the “Scale” from 0 to 100. It’s important not to animate the scale of the shape layer, as you want control over the attribute later.

To smooth out the animation and give it a natural look, change the first keyframes to “Easy Ease Out” and the last keyframes to “Easy Ease In.” Then next open up the graph editor and ramp up the speed at the start, slowing it down toward the end. Now it looks more like it’s following the laws of physics.

You can quickly make variations of animated circle burst by duplicating and slightly adjusting the keyframes or other settings. For example, you can change the scale of one or add a slight rotation. You can even add dashes to the stroke to give the burst a completely different look. Now it’s ready to bring these in and use them with other elements.

Click on below Video: After Effects Tutorial: Animated Circle Burst

Step 3: Incorporate in a Project

Add an animated title that you want to spruce up a bit. The text has a simple rotation and scale animation flying it onto the screen. Bring circle bursts in to add some extra movement and other details. For this particular graphic, place two large circle bursts behind the text. Parent the circle to the text, so it will follow the text as it moves, also add smaller circles on the edges of the text, parenting them to the text layer as well.

The key to making the animation work is tweaking each circle burst, making sure that they don’t match. It’s a simple rule of repositioning, duplicating and retiming. Repeat these steps until you get the desired look.

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How to Create a Scribble Effect Animation in After Effects

How to Create a Scribble Effect Animation in After Effects

Scribble Effect


The Scribble effect is a simple animation that can be done in Premiere Pro or After Effects Software. Different software shows a different look and workflow. The animated scribble effect technique is a perfect example of an easy way to create dynamic and handmade graphic elements. In this Arena blogs post, we are going to take a look on a few simple steps to create a scribble effect animation in after effect software and you can add eye-catching graphics to your video.

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3 Steps to Create a Scribble Effect Animation in After Effects


Step 1: Arrange the Workspace

First, add some cartoonish flames that will come off the back of a race car. After that add the flames using the brush tool, which you can find it in the tools panel or by using the CMD (Mac) or CTRL (PC) + B Keyword shortcut.

This brush tool only works on the layer panel by double-clicking on the layer – You can’t click directly on the composition panel.


Click on below Video: Brush Tools in After Effect


Step 2: Prepare the Brush

Select the brush tool, both the paint and brush panels will become visible. These both panels offer a variety of options. The paint panel allows you to change the opacity, diameter, flow, color, blend mode and duration. Clicking on diameter button will bring you to the brushes panel, where you can specify the diameter, roundness, hardness, angle and spacing of brush. Even you can save the brush settings for future use.

One of the most important properties is the duration section of paint panel. This is a fast-moving clip, to animate flames as quickly and frenetically as possible. Due to this reason, you have to change the duration to “Single Frame.” If you want something a bit more subdued or clunky, then change the duration to “Custom” and then manually type in whatever frame rate you want. With both the workspace and brush ready, now it’s time to use the scribble effect animation inside adobe after effect.

Step 3: Scribble Effect Animation

To start Scribble Effect animation lets bring playhead to the first frame of the clip in the timeline. Using the brush tool directly on the layer panel, draw flames on the first frame. It’s not as simple as drawing the same flames for every frame. This particular clip is two seconds in length, shot at 25 fps, so if you want flames throughout the entire clip, then you need to draw these same flames 50 times. If you are going to create an animation that changes over time, it’s imperative to know the length of a clip so you can make subtle changes.

Knowing a few shortcuts will save your lots of time when creating a frame-by-frame animation. To quickly navigate by individual frames in After Effects, use the Page Up/Down keys. To resize the diameter of the brush, hold the Command (Mac) or Control (PC) key while you click and drag up or down.

Click on below video: Animated Music Video Scribble Effect in After Effects!

General Tips to Spice Up Scribble Animation

  • Trace an object.
  • Break up the lines. Have a smaller line or a dot follow a bigger line.
  • Draw an object that interacts/reacts with your footage.
  • Use a Pen Tablet for smoother strokes.
  • Mix and match brush sizes.


Click here to download: Adobe After Effect

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Different Types of 3D Animation Claymation Techniques

Different Types of 3D Animation Claymation Techniques

3D Animation Claymation Techniques


In the animation industry, there are many animation techniques among them one is the 3D animation claymation technique which we are going to teach you in this Arena Sayajigunj blog post. This type of animation consists of a malleable substance, usually clay which can be moved, animated and photographed, some of these techniques do require more skill and precision than others. Let’s get started with different types of 3D animation claymation techniques, a bit about how they are made and show a video of some final productions made with these techniques.


Claymation Techniques


Each character or object is sculpted from clay or other pliable material as Plasticine, around a wire skeleton called an armature and then arranged on the set, where it is shot in an interval for the next shot and so on until the animator has achieved the desired amount of film. Upon playback, the mind of the observer perceives the series of slightly changing, rapidly succeeding images as motion.

Click on below Video: How to make Wire Armatures for Stop Motion


A consistent shooting environment is required to maintain the illusion of movement: objects must be consistently placed and lit and work must continue in a calm environment.

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Different Types of 3D Animation Claymation Techniques


1. Character Animation

This is the animation of the characters which are rigged with wireframe skeleton so shots can be precisely made this can assist when arcing moves which creates a more believable production.

One of the best examples of this technique of stop motion animation is the famous Wallace and Gromit series created by Nick Park.



Click on below Video: A Grand Day Out: Building A Rocket

2. Freeform Animation

Freeform is a widely used animation claymation techniques which are used creatively and it involves the clay changing form rapidly throughout the animation into almost any form. In this animation the idea is that there is no set in-between point, the animator has a starting point and an end point and how they achieve can usually be quite random and creative. A clay sphere, transforming into a vase and morphing into a human structure is an excellent example of freeform.

3. Strata-Cut Animation

Strata-Cut is not more in used claymation techniques in the animation industry, it involves an advanced technique to create, as the actual animation is first created within a block of clay, this is then sliced away, fractionally at a time and photographed this when played back, produces a fluid animation.

Click on below Video: Strata Cut Animation


4. Clay Painting Animation

Clay Paintings give a similar effect to a Strata Cut animation however clay is moulded and moved around a canvas which can create a bizarre effect. An excellent example of this type of animation is the “Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase” which demonstrates transitioning and similarities between artists work.


Click on below Video: Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase


5. Clay Melting Animation

Sub-Variation clay animation can be informally called “clay melting”. Any heat source can be applied on or near clay to cause it to melt while an animation camera on a time-lapse setting slowly films the process.

For example, consider Vinton’s early short clay-animated film Closed Mondays (co-produced by animator Bob Gardiner) at the end of the computer sequence.

Click on below Video: “Closed Mondays”

5 Best Stop Motion Animation Ideas for the Beginner

5 Best Stop Motion Animation Ideas for the Beginner

Stop Motion Animation Ideas


Stop motion animation is making a buzz in the animation industry. In stop motion animation ideas – the physical objects are portrayed to be moving on the screen. This is performed with the help of photographic frames that are placed in measured distance. It creates the illusion of motion of objects. It is often appreciated for catering to swift movements across the screen without any difficulties.

Follow this stop motion animation ideas for improving the smoothness of stop motion such as setting your stage, focus, lighting and selecting the best stop motion software to suit you are all vital. Once you have mastered this below list of stop motion animation ideas then that will help you to get the most fun out of animation.

5 Best Stop Motion Animation Ideas for the Beginner



1. Whiteboard


All you need is a whiteboard and whiteboard colored pens. You can create some basic stop motion animation with this technique. However, if you are a good artist, then the sky is the limit as shown in below example – WhileBoard Stop Motion. The technique open to all ages which make it a good idea for stop motion beginners. Just make sure you secure both your camera and the whiteboard.

Click on below Video: whiteboard Stop Motion


2. Paper Cut-Out Stop Motion


This is one of the wonderful forms of stop motion animation because it combines real arts, crafts feel and the stop motion approach to form a great effect. Either you can draw shapes or cut images to create an animated story. You will need a clean well lit table and a camera suspended overhead. Make some space for you to work under the camera to ensure it is suspended high enough off the table top. Also, observe those shadows when you take snapshots. Watch this below video example of paper cut-out stop motion animation that helps you to make a paper craft stop motion.

Click on below Video: How to Make Paper Craft Stop-motion Cut-Out Animation


3. Stop Motion Claymation Morphing Hands


There are lots of stop motion ideas within the claymation animation art form. In this technique, you don’t have to use armature to create stable characters which to animate. You only need to make a simple character without arms or legs and still have an attractive and engaging style. In this below example, simple shapes can be used to morph into other shapes in an artistic style. This is one of the best idea for the stop motion beginners to get started.

Click on below Video: Stop Motion Claymation Morphing Hands


4. Sticky Notes


This technique has some really intricate examples made by professional studios. Some good animation ideas for creating stop motions animation with this technique.

Click on below Video: Gaming Sticky Notes Stop Motion


5. Timelapse


Timelapse is an interesting one and different from the others stop motion animations ideas. In this form of stop motion, simply you can place your camera to take photographs in equal intervals over “normally” long period of time to capture things in nature that happen by itself. A nice example is shown here of decomposing fruit and vegetable over 74 days.

Click on below Video: Fruit and Vegetable Decomposition

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