Our Ancient Rushi has said, Knowledge is most valuable wealth. No one can stole it, nobody can harm it. To invest in Gold is good choice. To invest in the person is a better choice but to invest to aquire knowledge would be the best choice.

A story could be told, but a Saga needs an experience. Arena Sayajigunj is a Saga of animation education in Vadodara.

23 Years of Education Experience

Since last 23 years Arena, Sayajigunj gives not only education, but creates successful lives too.

More than 5000 students are the living experience and examples.

Today everybody say: animation industry is the most booming sector. But Hello, we haven’t only said, but started to guide in animation education field 23 years back.

Gujarat’s Largest High & Infrastructure

Onlinevarsity is the collaborative cloud-based learning platform created for Arena students. Collaboration with expert tutors from around the world Access to dynamic learning elements including expert videos, industry articles, job market trends and developments Deeper understanding of subjects through interactive eBooks, question banks, e-library of projects and assignments

We Are Pioneer

Yes, we are pioneer. We are visionary. We can sniff the changes coming to our life and shape the careers of our students accordingly.

We have started animation education field when majority players just running the mouse. Today everybody knows that the size of animation industry reaches upto227 USD and growing at the rate of 15-20%, players rushing the mouses and stretching the screen, our vision teaches the students to fly in the global sky.

Learning Assured With Earning

From the beginning we do not give only education or training but we provide promising platforms for job. Our placement policy and highly regarded prestige enable our students to get the job… and believe us, our placement ratio is 100%.


Arena Animation-Sayajigunj We don’t produce the craftsman. We create skilled imaginaries here.
No problem if you are attending college or doing job, everybody can join our courses. If u want to fly, we will indicate you sky… your own sky.

New Age Art

Vadodara is famous for its painters, Sculptures, Dancers and Performing Artists. We are proudly carrying the legacy and presents New age artist in Animation field. Traditional arts needs a cultivate audience, while the art of animation makes your reach just a finger tip away.

Global Vision at Local Place

Both of the Promoters of Arena Sayajigunj, Mr. AshishKanojia and AmbubhaiKanojia are committed to create a place where students can get the global level of Animation education. Arena multimedia started in 1996 and very next year both the Promoters found its future and bring it at the home of art city, Vadodara.

World Class Faculties

We provide the Animation education through the masters of this art. We follows very strict standard to select the faculty by qualification, experience and dedication for the students as well. Highly qualified faculties supported with well equipped labs and latest tools. What else a students need?

Live & Energetic Campus Plus Activities

We give the world class animation education, same hand we provide highly energetic campus too. We can bet, we are far, far superior in educational activities, which made our students good to better and better to best. We make enable the students to visit the studios or Companies they can’t above all the expectations.

We Draw Childhood Dream

We start to think where others stop to act and we start to act when others can’t dare to even dream. We enroll even school students and physically challenged people too. Because we know they are differently able and we can sharpen their abilities.

Cresouls & Portfolmo - Logo

Arena’s worldwide network and rich resources gives u access of its unique platform i.e. Cresouls and Portfolmo. Cresouls is a showcase provide only at Arena to publish your creativity and Portfolmo gives u wing to fly in the sky of world class books, journals and experts’ lectures.



Students who wish to enter the Animation Industry

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VFX FilmMaking

visual effects (VFX) for films

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Websites to mobile phone apps & portals

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Trinity 3D Premium Career Course

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Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts

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Arena Sayajigunj is one of India’s most experienced animation education providers in Vadodara Gujarat. Arena offers quality education in Animation, Visual Effect, Web Designing, Broadcast, Gaming and Multimedia Industry.


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